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Dan Marino: Dan is no longer signing for UDA , Please ask & I will see what I can find from other sources.
Autographed Official Dolphins Helmet -new logo (full size) $470
Mini-Helmet (steel face mask) $195
Mini-Helmet (plastic face mask) $155
Jersey (Dolphins 1997 Aqua Starter $390
8"x 10"photo "300 TD-Mud Bowl" unframed in Josten $90
8"x 10"photo "343 TD Gamew/Banner"unfr in Josten $90
Official NFL Game Football $260
Leather F1145 Football $195
Mini-Football (Junior) $135
Sports Illustrated Cover Photo "Rookie on the Rise"1983 (Framed) $125
Autographed baseball out
Mini-Helmet 1997 w/ steel facemask
Joe Montana Autographed
Official SF Helmet (full size)

$500 non-UDA
Jersey SF (Red) unframed
$500 non-UDA
Joe Montana: Joe no longer signs for UDA, Some items still available.
Autographed Official SF Helmet (full size) $450
Mini-Helmet (steel face mask) $165
Mini-Helmet (plastic face mask) $125
Jersey SF (Red) unframed $400
8"x 10"photo "Tunnel Walk" in Josten $90
MVP 2 Card set w/one card autographed $90
Commemorative Sheet (85"x 11") Montana’s Magic $100
Sports Illustrated Cover Photo "Sportsman of the Yr" 1990 $125
SI Cover Photo "Joe Knows Super Bowl" 1990 (Framed) $125
SI Cover Photo "Joltin’ Joe" 1989 (Framed) $125
Terry Bradshaw :
Autographed Football $350
Autographed "Mitchell & Ness" Jersey ( Ltd 112 ) $450
16" x 20" unframed (Ltd 300 ) $195
16" x 20" Framed ( Ltd 300 ) $299
Peyton Manning :
Tenn Helmet $500
Tenn Mini-Helmet $275
Football $360
Colts Helmet $550
16" x 20" Photo Framed ( Ltd 200 ) $320
Left: Troy Aikman Autographed Official NFL Game Football, $250
Right: Troy Aikman Autographed Mini Football, $140
Troy Aikman:
Jersey (white or blue) Nike Cowboys Price EA. $450
Mini-Helmet (steel face mask) $180
Mini-Helmet (plastic face mask) $140
16"x 20"photo "The Run"- framed $275
16"x 20"photo "Charging"- framed $275
Super Bowl XXVII Program Framed Ticket & 8 x 10 photo ( LTd 250 ) $360
Autographed Official NFL Football $250
Super Bowl XXVII NFL Football $295
Sports Illustrated Cover photo "Ride ‘Em Cowboy"1993 $135
Triple Exposure 16" x 20" Photo (Framed) Ltd to 200 $285
Aikman - UCLA:
Autographed UCLA mini-helmet (steel face mask) $180
Autographed UCLA 8"x 10"photo in Josten $90
Tim Couch:
Home Jersey $500
Away Jersey $500
Helmet $450
Mini-Helmet $225
16" x 20" Photo ( framed ) Ltd 100 $275
8"x 10" Photo in Josten ( Ltd 200 ) $135
Marcus Allen:
Autographed KC Proline Helmet $400
Autographed KC Jersey (white) unframed $390
Mini-Football (Junior) $125
16" x20" Retirement KC Chiefs Photo Framed (Ltd 125 ) $225
Mark Brunell:
Nike Jaguars Authentic Jersey $400
NFL Game Football $250
Jaguars Full-Size Helmet $500
Jaguars mini-helmet with steel face mask $175
16 x 20 Photo Unframed ( Ltd 308 ) $135
Eddie George:  
NFL Game Football $225
Oilers mini-helmet with plastic face mask $90
Ohio State mini-helmet with plastic face mask $100
8 x 10 photo w/ gold stamp ( Ltd 350 ) - Oilers $ 85
Jerry Rice 49ers Autographed Helmet

Jerry Rice:
SF 49er Reebok Red Jersey Unframed $575
SF 49er Riddell Helmet $575
"Touchdown" Filmstrip Photo framed ( Ltd 250 ) $450
"Breaking Away" Filmstrip Framed ( Ltd 250 ) $450
Jerome Bettis Steelers
Autographed Authentic Mini Helmet

Jerome Bettis:
Autographed Official NFL Game Football $225
Steelers Mini-Helmet (steel face mask) out
Steelers replica mini-helmet (plastic face mask) $120
Mini-Football (Wilson Junior) $120
Autographed UD ‘97 2-Card set out
Tony Dorsett:
Autographed Cowboys Mini-Helmet (Plastic Face Mask) $90
Autographed mini-football (Wilson Junior) $115
OTHER UDA (In Stock) :
Commemorative Cards (3.5" X 5")
Joe Montana signed SuperBowl Commemorative Sheet 85x11- Josten $165
Joe Montana signed National Champs (Notre Dame) Blow-Up #2/500! out
Joe Montana signed Tribute Die-Cut 5x7 commemorative Card $100
Dan Marino signed Commemorative Card (5 x 7) $100
Montana /Marino (both signed) SI SuperBowl Shootout Cover Photo framed $350
UDA unsigned Commemorative cards 3.5"x 5":
Joe Montana National Champs (Notre Dame) $20
Dan Marino Record Breaker Die-Cut $20
Dan Marino Total Passing Yards (silver) $20
Dan Marino 343 Touch Down (Gold) $35
These items come with Steiner COA's. They will be ordered for you using my discount to save you money:
Lynn Swann autographed football (Steiner) $250.
Joe Namath autographed football $230.
Roger Staubach autographed football $230.
Lawerence Taylor autographed football $220.
Super Bowl III NY Jets Team signed 3-white panel (24 sigs) football $550.
Super Bowl XXV NY Giants Team Signed Football (33 sigs) $750.
Super Bowl III NY Jets Team - Jets Throwback Helmet (24 sigs) $900.
Super Bowl XXV NY Giants Team Signed Helmet - 32 sigs $900.
Super Bowl III NY Jets Team Signed Joe Namath #12 Jersey -(26 sigs) $600.
Super Bowl XXI NY Giants Team Signed Lawerence Taylor #56 Jersey (45 sigs) $675.
Super Bowl XXI NY Giants Team signed Phil Simms #11 Jersey (45 sigs) $675.
Super Bowl XXV NY Giants Team signed #90 "CHAMPIONS" Jersey (33 sigs) $800.
Franco Harris, Steelers 8 x 10 photo - signed $ 90.
Jack Lambert, Steelers 8 x 10 photo - signed $ 70.
Steel Curtain, Steelers 8 x 10 photo - Mean Joe Greene, Ernie Holmes, Dwight White, LC Greenwood $100.
Lynn Swann, Steelers 8 x 10 photo - signed $100.
Purple People Eaters, Minn Vikings 8 x 10 photo - signed -Carl Eller, Alan Page, Jim Marshall, Gary Larsen $100.
Many more available. Please ask if you have something you are looking for.
Several Photos are also available in 16 x 20 size - Please ask.
These items come with Steiner COA's. They will be ordered for you using my discount to save you money:
Brett Favre autographed football $375.
Tim Couch autographed football $240.
Peyton Manning autographed football $290.
Peyton Manning - Indy Colts Logo Jersey ( home or away) $350.
Brett Favre - Packers, Green Nike Jersey $550.
Terrell Davis , Broncos, White Nike Jersey ( all Jerseys signed on back numbers) $500.
Many other items available: mini-helmets, 8 x 10 photos, 16 x 20 photos, helmets - Please Ask.
Charles Woodson signed Uof M mini-helmet (Heisman Trophy) $125
Brett Farve signed Football card $20
Barry Sanders signed Football card out
Barry Sanders Bobbin’ Head Dolls (unsigned) $90
Dan Marino Bobbin’ Head Dolls (unsigned) $70

I stock an inventory of sports cards too numerous to list. I specialize in Superstars, Future Hall-of-Famers, and Detroit Teams. I probably don’t have the most recent issue cards on any given player as I carry more of the memorabilia and more unusual items. If you collect a certain player, I will be glad to list what I have. I might have what you are looking for. Here’s a list of some of the players I have:
Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Jon Gruden, Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Herman Moore, Adrian Peterson and numerous Detroit Lions, plus many more.
Sample Plaque The plaques are 13" x 16" overall size and retail priced at $69.95. I sell to you at $55.00 each postpaid within the U.S. Additional postage is required to destinations outside the U.S.

Orders of 3 or more sent at $ 50.00 each ppd to mainland U.S.

Sample Football Plaque

SB# Super Bowl Champions Year SB# Super Bowl Champions Year
I Green Bay Packers 1966 XXI New York Giants 1986
II Green Bay Packers 1967 XXII Washington Redskins 1987
III New York Jets 1968 XXIII San Francisco 49ers 1988
IV Kansas City Chiefs 1969 XXIV San Francisco 49ers 1989
V Baltimore Colts 1970 XXV New York Giants 1990
VI Dallas Cowboys 1971 XXVI Washington Redskins 1991
VII Miami Dolphins 1972 XXVII Dallas Cowboys 1992
VIII Miami Dolphins 1973 XXVIII Dallas Cowboys 1993
IX Pittsburgh Steelers 1974 XXIX San Francisco 49ers 1994
X Pittsburgh Steelers 1975 XXX Dallas Cowboys 1995
XI Oakland Raiders 1976 XXXI Green Bay Packers 1996
XII Dallas Cowboys 1977 XXXII Denver Broncos 1997
XIII Pittsburgh Steelers 1978 XXXIII Denver Broncos 1998
XIV Pittsburgh Steelers 1979
XV Oakland Raiders 1980
XVI San Francisco 49ers 1981
XVII Washington Redskins 1982
XVIII Los Angeles Raiders 1983
XIX San Fancisco 49ers 1984
XX Chicago Bears 1985

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