These plaques are 13" x 16" overall size and retail priced at $69.95 .Your price is $ 55.00 each postpaid within the mainland U.S. Additional postage is required to destinations outside the U.S. Orders of 3 or more plaques are priced at $50.00 each postpaid (to mainland U.S.).
Oakland Athletics 1989 Plaque
Sample (Oakland As) Plaque
San Fransisco 49ers 1989 Plaque
Sample (49ers) Plaque
SB# Super Bowl Champions Year SB# Super Bowl Champions Year
I Green Bay Packers 1966 XVIII Los Angeles Raiders 1983
II Green Bay Packers 1967 XIX San Fancisco 49ers 1984
III New York Jets 1968 XX Chicago Bears 1985
IV Kansas City Chiefs 1969 XXI New York Giants 1986
V Baltimore Colts 1970 XXII Washington Redskins 1987
VI Dallas Cowboys 1971 XXIII San Francisco 49ers 1988
VII Miami Dolphins 1972 XXIV San Francisco 49ers 1989
VIII Miami Dolphins 1973 XXV New York Giants 1990
IX Pittsburgh Steelers 1974 XXVI Washington Redskins 1991
X Pittsburgh Steelers 1975 XXVII Dallas Cowboys 1992
XI Oakland Raiders 1976 XXVIII Dallas Cowboys 1993
XII Dallas Cowboys 1977 XXIX San Francisco 49ers 1994
XIII Pittsburgh Steelers 1978 XXX Dallas Cowboys 1995
XIV Pittsburgh Steelers 1979 XXXI Green Bay Packers 1996
XV Oakland Raiders 1980 XXXII Denver Broncos 1997
XVI San Francisco 49ers 1981 XXXIII St Louis Rams 1998
XVII Washington Redskins 1982      
HOCKEY PLAQUES Detroit Red Wings
1997 Plaque
Sample (Redwings) Plaque
Stanley Cup Champions Year
Chicago Blackhawks 1961
Philadelphia Flyers 1974
Philadelphia Flyers 1975
Pittsburgh Penguins 1991
Pittsburgh Penguins 1992
New York Rangers 1994
New Jersey Devils 1995
Colorado Avalanche 1996
Detroit Red Wings 1997/ 98
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